The loss of a loved is a difficult time, making arrangements can be stressful and tiring for anyone doing the planning for a funeral. Oftentimes we find it may be difficult to express our feelings into words for the recently departed. It is why when we can’t find the words we can use flowers to express our feelings and sympathy to our friends and family of the deceased.

Although along with all the planning and stress that comes with planning a funeral, Floral Fantasy wants to help ease the burden by aiding you in selecting a custom funeral flower arrangement, or we will help you pick a proper sympathy flowers to send to someone you know is grieving. For over 30 years we have been crafting custom floral funeral arrangements for Bay Ridge and the surrounding areas.

In some cultures and religions the addition of flowers upon a person or their grave is a sign of deep respect, and love for the soul of the recently departed. Floral Fantasy has a wide selection of flowers that can express your thoughts and feelings towards a loved one, and of course we will work to help you make any sort of funeral arrangement from bouquets, wreaths, and casket sprays. We will sit down with you and go over your choices for what will work best for the funeral and its setting.

With so many options for flowers and arrangements, your custom floral arrangement doesn’t have to be one that is dreary. We have colors and arrangements that we can create for you whether it is using flowers to incorporate your departed loved ones favorite color, or a hobby of theirs. At Floral Fantasy we can create an arrangement that helps to celebrate the life of your loved ones instead.

The death of a loved one can be extremely difficult, it is why we offer to create an arrangement for the funeral home or sympathy flower arrangements that you can send to the home of the family or friends in mourning to express your condolences and support during their difficult time. If you need floral arrangements for a funeral in Bay Ridge in the surrounding you can contact us here at Floral Fantasy at (718)238-6978. We will handle your funeral needs with empathy and care.