When it comes to planning a funeral service, there are plenty of things one has to keep in mind. Funeral arrangements are one of the most important things to consider for a funeral or memorial service.Since funeral services are already held under stressful or mournful circumstances, why not ditch the black and add more color to the occasion? Making your funeral arrangements colorful can be a great way to make this occasion feel a bit less like a sad day and a bit more like a celebration of life. There are several florists that deal in custom funeral bouquets in Marine Park, but choosing the right one is essential!

At Floral Fantasy, we offer a variety of funeral and sympathy flowers in Marine Park New York and ensure timely delivery to all of our customers. Here are some great tips for you to consider before making your funeral arrangements more colorful and personal with Floral Fantasy:

Types of funeral flowers – Traditionally, people used to choose white, or more simple looking flowers for funeral services. Today, people are opting for more colorful and bright florals. You can add a hint of celebration by including splashes of red, pink, and yellow. You can also take your flower arrangements to the next level with bright floral tributes that reflect a hobby or passion, such as football. On the other hand, you can also keep it simple by giving a flower to each guest. This is generally done in order to give mourners the option of placing a flower on the coffin or to wear at the funeral.

Using flowers to decorate funeral car – There is no rule as such that funeral car has to be either black or silver. These days, people are breaking the stereotype of the black funeral color, instead going for a brighter looking funeral car. You may also use different types of funeral flower arrangements to reflect the personality of your loved one, and decorate the funeral car itself. This adds a more personalized touch.

Coffins – To your surprise, there may be a plethora of coffin options available in a variety of colors. In the past, black or brown were the most commonly used color options for coffins. However, now you can even go for any colors of the rainbow that suits your loved one’s personality. You can also hire a professional to paint a coffin with your loved one’s favorite color.

In order to know which funeral arrangements to choose, you need to get yourself familiar with different types of flower arrangements for funerals. Here are the most commonly used funeral floral arrangements along with their meanings.

Casket sprays – Well, only the immediate family of the deceased has the right to choose the casket sprays. They are often used to decorate the casket and is placed on it.
Sprays – These are the flower arrangements that can only be seen from one side. They usually come in different shapes like a cross or a heart.
Wreaths – When it comes to wreaths, they are circular floral arrangements. Wreaths usually represent eternal life and are small floral sprays. They are often used to place within the casket alongside of the deceased.
Bouquets – This is one of the most common types of floral arrangements you might have seen. Bouquets are usually a group of flowers, which are displayed in a basket or a vase.