Most people ask questions about how to decorate a willow coffin with funeral flowers or which types of flowers they should use to decorate a willow coffin. You can decorate bamboo, willow, wicker, and woven coffins with appealing custom funeral flowers that suit the deceased personality the most. Funeral flowers and greenery can be easily be attached to the sides of these coffins as compared to traditional wooden coffins. Nowadays, you can get Floral arrangements in Staten Island that are specially designed to place on the top of the coffin. They are single or double-ended spray, which are made in florists oasis. For a more eco-friendly floral arrangement, you can choose a loosely tied spray because they use fewer materials. However, choosing the right funeral flower delivery service is mandatory to ensure the quality of the flowers. We, at Floral Fantasy deals in various floral arrangements, even custom or personalized flower arrangements.

The following are a few options for a willow coffin.

* Small posies around the coffin
* A greenery garland around the coffin.

Some people choose one of the options, whereas others may choose both a greenery garland and posies.

If you choose a garland, here are some of the specifications you need to keep in mind. The garland needs to be 16-22 feet depending on the size and length of the coffin. It can be made in shorter sections. To make the graland, you need to tie together lengths of greenery such as laurel, ivy, magnolia,eucalyptus, pussy willow,and lambs ear.

Use a florist wire or garden twine to tie the lengths together. According to the funeral floral arrangements experts, the garland looks best in a straight line and midway up the coffin. However, many people prefer an undulating style over straight line. In this case, the lengths are attached to the coffin by making hoops using a florists wire. Hook them through the side of the coffin and after that attach your greenery garland. All you need to do is twisting the wire around the whole coffin. Once it is done, give the wire a few more twists and trim. Always keep in mind the location of the handles and how they’ll be used.

On the hand, if you like posies, it should be 10-16 feet again depending on how big the size of the coffin is. As per the funeral flower florist, you must place posies midway up the coffin in a straight line. To make the posies, you must choose flowers that are fairly resilient such as bluebells or freesias. Even roses and greenery work well for posies. When it comes to posies, they should be made in advance. While wrapping florists wire around the middle of the posy leavy long lengths of wire, which can be tied through the weave of the wicker coffin.

Lastly, there are many ways to create the perfect, and dignified funeral for your loved one, decorating a coffin with custom funeral flowers in Long Island is one of them. Are you looking for sympathy funeral flowers in Long Island? Contact us – Floral Fantasy – (718)-238-6978. We also deal in various floral arrangements in Long Island.